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We offer a range of Richard Bandler  and SNLP certified 1:1 NLP training in the UK (and internationally over Skype), company NLP training programmes, executive and business coaching  and a full range of NLP books, Cds and DVD’s.


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1:1 NLP Training

We now offer our 1:1 NLP training internationally through Skype and the CoachingCloud coaching and mentoring platform. However this unique training is restricted to a maximum of ten students at any six month period

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About 1:1 NLP Training
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NLP Courses

We offer a range of ‘off the shelf’ and bespoke courses for companies and organisations


Business Courses

Change Management
Hypnotic Influence


Training Accreditation
Society of Neuro-Linguistic ProgrammingTM
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CPD Workshops, CDs, DVDs and Books

CPD Workshops

Practitioner and Master Practitioners, keep your skills up to date with our quarterly 1-day workshops

CPD NLP Workshops

NLP and Hypnosis CDs

Listening to one of these CD’s on a daily basis can make a significant difference to your NLP and hypnosis skills as well as improving your performance in a variety of fields.

Deeper States CD £35
Determined Resolve CD £35
Getting Smarter CD £55
Meditation, Magic and Change CD£50
Slow Down CD £35
Soothing Anxiety CD £35
The Art of Amnesia and Negotiation CD £35


If you haven’t yet experienced training from Richard Bandler and John La Valle these DVDs are a great way to find out how they work. You can watch and listen to samples from each video.

Trancing in and Out £140 (2 DVDs)
Welcome to Reality £165 (6 DVDs)
Richard Bandler in Konstanz £175 (8 DVDs)
Persuasion Engineering £249 (8 DVDs)
Class of a Master £310 (4 DVDs)
The Art and Science of Nested Loops £195 (2 DVDs)
The Marshall Tapes £165 (1 DVDs)
It’s all about Time £60 (1 DVDs)

NLP and Hypnosis Amazon Books

NLP Books
Hypnosis Books
Coaching Books

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