NLP Training Workshops for Continued Professional Development

NLP training  gives you skills and attitudes that will last for the rest of your life. We’ve developed a series of  affordable 1-day NLP  training  workshops to help you maintain and build upon these skills.

The workshop design and the changing attendees mean you learn something new every time you attend.  As well as refreshing the key approaches needed for a range of NLP interventions. The workshops are for a maximum of 12 delegates, and offered on a first come basis.

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The nlp training workshops are  held at  Kents Hill Conference Centre.


Kents Hill Park

Kents Hill Park in is one of the largest dedicated training and conference centres in the UK. Centrally located in Milton Keynes, with excellent transport links to the rest of the country, Kents Hill Park provides an environment conducive to learning whilst at the same time providing the opportunity for our guests to eat, sleep, and relax all within the one venue.

The workshops run from 10:00 sharp am to 16 :00. An excellent lunch and refreshments are included in the investment.  

NLP Training Workshop Agenda | Saturday 1st April 2017

Advanced NLP, Coaching and Hypnosis!

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Improve your skills and performance with our updated.  Not only revise and practice the classic NLP techniques but learn the principles that make them effective and the situations you can use them. Contents:

  • NLP, Coaching and Hypnosis
  • Traditional NLP techniques and the reason they’re important

Investment £45




The workshops are led and facilitated by NLP trainer and business coach, Michael Beale. Michael is a Richard Bandler accredited NLP trainer, NLP Coach Trainer, and a John Grinder accredited NLP coach.

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CPD NLP Training Workshops

CPD NLP Training Workshops