FREE NLP Objective Setting

Do you want to ensure the very best value from your NLP Training? Then take advantage of our offer of three totally free 50 minute phone or Skype  NLP objective  setting sessions. 


The value of any training depends upon two factors:

  • how well the training relates to your objectives and end goals; and
  • how well you apply what you’ve learnt in your world outside the training room.

Our 1:1 training is uniquely designed to meet both these criteria. Our straightforward approach helps you clarify what you want to achieve. It’s much more useful when you work through the results with a confidential trainer and coach and we’re available to help you.  What follows is the first part of our 4-stage ‘Free’ discovery phase. Please arrange a call to us to find out more.

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A) Complete our success and satisfaction quiz.

The purpose of the quiz is help you set the scene and think through what you really want.To give you coach a baseline from which to work, give yourself a mark from 0 (low) to 100 (high) for the following:

  • Do you have a clear purpose at work and personally?
  • If yes, do you have a plan to achieve it?
  • Do you know and appreciate what you have now?
  • How good are your connections with your friends, family, colleagues and customers?
  • Are you able to speak your mind, make your own decisions and take action on those decisions?
  • How much time do you invest in generative activities. For example sport, meditation, art,  writing and other hobbies?

B) Decide on 3 to 5 end goals that will make the NLP training genuinely useful.

You can change what you want to work on at any time. This is part of the ‘Dare to Dream’ phase.

1. For each end goal decide on 2-5 milestones.

The best way to measure your progress towards your end goal is to agree some markers along the way. When you have achieved those markers, you know you are moving forward.  You may find that your goal alters as you progress, and this is not uncommon.

2. For each end goal decide on 1-2 easy first steps.

When you are facing a challenge, getting going can be the biggest obstacle.  By breaking the objective down into small steps, you may find that what seemed an insurmountable problem is really not an issue at all.

3. Add your end goals to our portal on the CoachingCloud coaching and mentoring platform.

Cloud systems improve results. They allow you to record, monitor and manage your progress and create the possibility for more interaction with your trainer and other NLP participants. The following instructions from our sister site the Executive Coaching (EBCN) shows you how to start using CoachingCloud.

C) Complete our planning/review question set


D) Compile and action your daily questions list


Speak to Michael | Michael’s online diary

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RFree NLP Objective Setting

Free NLP Objective Setting