1:1 NLP Practitioner Training

Our 1:1 NLP practitioner training delegates have gained promotions, improved stakeholder influence, run significant change programmes, started successful businesses, resolved conflicts, overcome frustrations, increased earnings and moved towards freedom and personal fulfilment.


Our unique 1:1 NLP practitioner training starts with two no-commitment 50-minute objective-setting sessions. These are a great way to clarify what will make the training really useful for you.  They are also a chance to check if the rapport between you and the trainer is going to work. We offer this programme face-to-face in the UK or by Skype in the UK and worldwide. The options are flexible enough to suit our clients’ busy schedules.

Once we’ve agreed your objectives, we have a shared goal of helping you achieve them. Objective setting is an iterative process and your goals are bound to change throughout the training.

NLP practitioner training sessions are normally one 2 hour session every 2 weeks over 6 months, plus workshops. The cost is £1800, paid in installments of £300 a month.

As part of the training, you will try and review a number of approaches and tasks in your business and personal lives.  Thus, you’re continually testing and applying what you’ve learnt.

NLP  Practitioner Training Course Syllabus

NLP practitioner training

NLP practitioner training

The training will include:

  • Beginning frames.
  • States and anchors.
  • Outcomes.
  • Rapport.
  • Techniques.
  • Future pacing.
  • Values.
  • Value rules.
  • Beliefs.
  • Senses and sub-modalities.
  • Hypnotic language.
  • Timeline.
  • Stories.
  • Profiles.
  • Modelling.

Most of the learning from NLP training is through experience, but we have a framework to support you. You can read more about NLP and how you can benefit from it in our free NLP practitioner training guide PDF.

NLP practitioner training can make a significant difference to your life.  If you are interested in taking it further, we also offer NLP master practitioner training. There is also our NLP business practitioner, with its focus on business issues such as change management and sales. Get in touch to talk through the options we can offer.


We’re only interested in offering the very best training. You only commitment is to pay monthly in advance, you can cancel at any time (no one has done this yet).  In addition, we give you two extra sessions – free – after your training has finished. You may use these in any way you wish.


Take the first step by watching our free video:

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 To take advantage of the two free sessions and find out more, select one of the contact methods below:

  • Telephone 07944 388621 with your name, how to reach you, and the reason for the call.
  • Book a telephone or Skype consultation in Michael’s on-line diary.
  • Complete the on-line contact form.


The training is accredited by NLP Co-Creator Richard Bandler and the  The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ (SNLP). Please note as part of the accreditation process you need either to attend at least two face-to-face accreditation sessions or complete an NLP project to demonstrate your skills.

SNLP Certified NLP Practitioner Training

SNLP Certified NLP Practitioner Training