1:1 NLP Master Practitioner Training

Previous NLP training delegates have been surprised how much master practitioner training amplifies and builds upon their expertise. While practitioner training uses NLP approaches to develop you, NLP master practitioner training focuses on the application of NLP and producing results in the ‘outside’ world.


Our NLP Master Practitioner  training starts with two free 50 minute objective-setting sessions. These include discussing which learning interventions you prefer.

NLP Master Practitioner Training

NLP Master Practitioner Training


The NLP practitioner level training has shown what works for you, and we can use these insights to work together to meet and beat expectations for your master practitioner training.

As well as agreeing your end goals, you will choose a number of specialist areas in which to increase your competence and confidence. These might include:

  • building resilience,
  • change management,
  • coaching,
  • hypnosis,
  • leadership,
  • networking,
  • presenting, and
  • sales.

You will complete a number of modelling projects in your chosen areas.

Master Practitioner training is for existing practitioners only. Sessions are normally one 2 hour session every 2 weeks over 6 months, plus workshops. The total cost is £2100, paid in instalments of £350 a month.

NLP Master Practitioner Training Syllabus

The training is designed around what you want to achieve and will include an advanced approach to:

  • frames,
  • states,
  • outcomes,
  • rapport,
  • techniques,
  • future pacing,
  • values,
  • value rules,
  • beliefs,
  • senses and sub-modalities,
  • hypnotic language,
  • timeline,
  • stories,
  • profiles, and
  • modelling.

As with our practitioner NLP training course, the majority of NLP learning is through experience.  Our framework  will support your learning and development throughout.


We’re only interested in offering the very best NLP training. Your only commitment is to pay monthly in advance, you can cancel the training at any time (no one has done this yet).  In addition we will give you up to two extra free sessions after your training has finished, which you may use in any way you wish.

To find out more, select one of the contact methods below:

  • Telephone 07944 388621 with your name, how to reach you, and the reason for the call.
  • Book a telephone or Skype consultation in Michael’s on-line diary.
  • Complete the on-line contact form.

NLP Master Practitioner Accreditation

The training is accredited by NLP Co-Creator Richard Bandler and the  The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ (SNLP)

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SNLP Certified NLP Master Practitioner Training

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