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These free ‘no charge’ PDF guides will introduce you to the ways Neuro-Linguistic Programming can bring benefits to your personal and professional lives.
They are full of useful information and links to great NLP resources.

These NLP PDF guides will introduce you to some of the benefits and advantages of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and show how you can benefit from them.  NLP can teach you ways to move forward in your career and personal life and consistently enjoy success. It can also help you identify what may be holding you back, and give you strategies to overcome any personal barriers.

You will find useful information and links to great NLP resources throughout the guides.  If you want to know more, get in touch via any of the methods at the end of this page.  Remember, we offer three completely free no-obligation sessions to help you work out how NLP can be useful to you. It’s really worth taking advantage of this offer.

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 NLP training guide PDF

The following 4 NLP training PDFs make up our practitioner manual.(Please note they are currently in draft format, and will change.)

NLP Training Guide PDF 1 – Easy Start.

 Like learning a martial art, learning to meditate, or to play a musical instrument, we learn more by doing rather reading about how to. People learn most about NLP by treating their learning as an adventure. We create our own adventure and use NLP approaches to:

1) help us achieve whatever end we want, and

2) to enjoy the actual journey.

This guide will help you start your adventure.

Download NLP Training Guide PDF 1 – Easy Start

NLP Training Guide PDF 2 – Plan Your Adventure.

To achieve anything worthwhile, we’re significantly more effective if we have a plan and framework. We need to align our purpose, vision, plan, and actions and review how we’re doing.

This guide explores a number of tools that we’ve found can significantly improve progress.

Download NLP Training Guide PDF 2 – Plan Your Adventure

NLP Training Guide PDF 3 – NLP Coaching.

Whether we’re coaching ourselves or coaching others, a coaching model will improve what we do. Our coaching model is a much richer version of the GROW Coaching Model. As well as helping us achieve our own visions the NLP Coaching Model in this guide also enhances the impact of all the NLP techniques and approaches we use.

Download NLP Training Guide PDF 3 – NLP Coaching

NLP Training Guide PDF 4 – NLP Techniques.

This guide features 16 of the most popular NLP techniques that improve our ability to influence ourselves and others, including:

    • the fast phobia cure,
    • hypnosis,
    • modelling,
    • perceptual positions,
    • timeline, and
  • storytelling.

This 4th guide builds on NLP PDFs 1-3.  Combining the approaches in all the guides is the most effective way to use them.

To get a free copy of PDF 4 our techniques guide, simply share this page with your favourite social media site, using one of the ‘unlock the content’ buttons above.  Guide 4  will then be unlocked for you. You can read the individual techniques from the right hand navigation on the site.

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  • NLP PDF | Free Downloadable NLP Training Guide

NLP PDF | Free Downloadable NLP Training Guide