NLP Training Milton Keynes

Free Discovery Sessions, 1:1 NLP Training, 1:1 Coaching, Quarterly CPD Workshops, 85+ Support Videos and Transcripts

Join other Milton Keynes professionals in becoming more successful by creating positive change.

NLP Training Milton Keynes

NLP Training Milton Keynes

NLP Training Milton Keynes: Working with great professionals in Milton Keynes and across the world.

Free NLP Training Discovery Sessions

Do you want to find out more about NLP? Book your 45 minute session to find out about our free NLP discovery programme – that’s 3 totally free 45 minute sessions with international NLP trainer, Michael Beale.

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85 + Free Learning NLP Videos and Transcripts

We originally created this resource for our 1:1 clients so they can rehearse and build on what they learn. Now, we’ve opened it up to make it freely accessible to anyone who is interested in learning NLP. That’s more than 85 completely free NLP resources.

Please be aware there is a lot more to NLP than techniques, however it’s one place to start.

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The NLP and Coaching Seminar Series

We’re introducing a series of 3 x 10 week online interactive seminars. The early bird silver investment is £30 ($42) per month. Read more: The NLP and Coaching Seminar. We will also have a limited number of gold and platinum subscriptions available.

1:1 NLP Training and NLP Coaching in Milton Keynes (and Worldwide using Skype.)

In MK we offer our unique 1:1 NLP Training either face to face or over Skype, certified by NLP co-creator Richard Bandler and the SNLP. Our NLP programmes include:

  • an advanced diploma in NLP,
  • NLP practitioner,
  • NLP Business Practitioner,
  • NLP Master Practitioner, and
  • NLP Coach Practitioner.

The investment starts at £900 for the advanced NLP diploma, paid in 3 monthly instalments of £300.

See more: NLP Training.

See more: NLP Coaching.

All our programmes come with 3 totally free discovery sessions so you can find out what NLP is about, what you really want to achieve and if we’re exactly right for you.

Take advantage of this offer now by booking a free call in Michael’s online diary.

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Quarterly CPD Workshops

These one day workshops are for practitioners, master practitioners, coaches, and curious but genuinely interested  beginners to grow their skills and capabilities.

It’s another great place to start.

The early bird investment is £39.99, after that it’s just £54.99.

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Monthly NLP and Coaching Practice Group

A monthly meetup for anyone interested in NLP and Coaching.

The meetings are led by Manish Gohel.

There is currently no attendance charge.

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About Michael

Michael is a Richard Bandler certified NLP trainer and NLP coach trainer, and a Marshall Goldsmith certified leadership and team coach. He’s been running Business NLP Ltd for the past 15 years after 30 years as a retail buyer, marketing manager and developing the strategy for a £B division of BT. See more: Michael Beale, NLP Trainer and Coach.

Michael’s Testimonials

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Michael’s Linkedin profile:

Address: Business NLP Ltd, 120 Porthcawl Green, Milton Keynes MK4 3AL, United Kingdom.

About Milton Keynes: We’re one of the fastest growing cities in Europe and major business names have offices here. We’re home to global brands Santander and Mercedes Benz. Network Rail is building its prestigious new headquarters here – a major win for us. And we’ve got Red Bull Racing. Everything we do supports development, funding and new ideas. With private investment projects valued at more than £1 billion currently in progress, it’s definitely the environment to thrive in. Five businesses move into Milton Keynes or expand in the city every month.

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NLP Training Milton Keynes