Michael’s Business NLP Training Testimonials

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“I highly recommend Michael Beale of Business NLP Ltd. He is continually updating his skills with the most up to date models that I’ve developed. He is one of the few trainers and coach trainers licensed internationally through the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming”

Richard Bandler


“Michael has developed a unique and very positive reputation for Business NLP training for Business and Professional people in a 1:1 or small group format. Michael’s approach is respectful and insightful. He delivers. Period. If this is what interests you contact Michael.”

John La Valle


Michael’s a great coach, but particularly adept at working with other coaches to improve their game – both as practitioners and business people looking to earn a living. His sessions are engaging and informative and I very much enjoyed gaining my NLP practitioner level with his coaching.

Rob Shimmin


“I had the great privilege of attending Mike’s NLP Accreditation and NLP Coaching courses. The courses were excellent and Michael has been instrumental in providing me with new capabilities that I have used to positively impact my personal and working life daily. As a business coach I use NLP in a lot of my coaching sessions, I also know several business owners that find it invaluable to them. Mike taught me, and others; he did a fantastic job. The key things for me were that it was practical, personalised and thorough. I would (and often do) recommend Mike to any person looking to find out about NLP.”

Jon Baker


“I was recently trained on an NLP Practitioners course and really enjoyed Michaels approach to training and supporting people to grow through his leadership and guidance.
Michael was a pleasure to be trained by and I would thoroughly recommend anyone to contact him if they are looking to be helped with self development and personal growth.”

Mark Pettigrew


“When I think of NLP, I think of Michael Beale. I have gotten to know Michael well and on each occasion we meet, he teaches me something new. I admire this gift and Michael is a master at it. His questioning technique is methodical and Michael is brilliant at obtaining valuable information through natural conversation. I endorse Michael skills for Business Coaching, Business Insight, Self Development and NLP Coaching. A delight to meet, to know and to work with.”

Nin Gandhi-Patel


“If you are looking for a new perspective on your life or your career, Mike is the man to talk to. He will help you to understand yourself and how you communicate with others. He will be able to help you set your own goals and give you tools to be able to achieve them.”

Peter Barnett


“Michael is an excellent executive coach to work with. He is very skillful and experienced in using Marshall’s Stakeholder Centered Coaching process and brings in a wealth of experience and coaching tools as well. And in true Marshall style he is very committed to deliver measurable leadership growth based on No Growth, No Pay for yearlong coaching programs. I have been working with Michael a lot and he has been most valuable in working with executives and corporate clients in individual, national and international coaching programmes. He delivers excellent value during every leadership development programme. So if you are looking for a great coach, contact Michael!”

Will Linssen


“I have worked with Michael in many situations where his creative approach to getting the most from the team he is coaching adds to both their business skills and personal capabilities. Everyone feels an individual, a key requirement in building trust and confidence. His relaxed, yet highly motivational, expertise in building a change culture is superb.”

John Whitworth


“I attended Michael’s NLP courses from Foundation level through to Master Practitioner. Michael is a true expert in the field of NLP and his training is excellent. His courses are delivered in small groups which means you get real 1:1 quality training. Michael is very supportive throughout your journey to qualify in NLP and I am very happy to recommend both Michael and his courses. He has played a major part in my own business success and I am very grateful.”

Lindsay West


“Michael is exquisite trainer. He know his stuff and acts upon it, so you can sit back and relax for a change. I very much look forward to working with Michael in the future. I highly recommend him!”

Erwin van den Boogaard


“He is undoubtedly the UK’s leading trainer in NLP and I can whole-heartedly recommend his training in both the UK and California.”

David Regler


“I have trained with Michael 1 on 1 and attended his workshops in my journey as a coach and I can recommend him very highly. He is an inspirational and experienced coach, trainer and teacher who has a wonderful combination of energy and sensitivity. He is also irreverent with a great sense of humour! He gets to the kernal of what NLP can do, picking and choosing what works and what doesn’t, and is extremely adept at communicating simply quite complex issues. I have found his background in business and industry really helpful as well, as it grounds what he says in the real world”

Kit Smith


“Michael is the best trainer I have worked with. I’ve known and worked with him for many years and without fail he always has something new and useful he’s experimenting with.
He has the amazing ability to pin point and coach on specific issues but also very carefully allows you to broaden your thinking and find your own way.”

Mark Lloyd


“Michael is an amazing Coach and NLP Trainer. I am fortunate to have him in my life as a Life Coach and a Mentor. He has been very generous with his NLP knowledge, and is always there to support me and Coach me throughout my NLP journey and life in general. Most importantly he is an amazing person who will bring out the best in a person, and will make sure that he will share his own life experiences to make sure that the person is going to tap into their own resources, and move forward in life. In short he is the best NLP Trainer and Coach who is around, and most importantly a genuine person whom you can rely on your Coaching and Training needs.”

Vikram Dhar


“I have worked and trained in this field over the years and Michael is certainly one of the top two people I have ever met. I found him online and contacted him re some personal issues and the result was fantastic. I sent a family member who had weight issue for a long time and again amazing as after years of fighting her weight her attitude to food was changed overnight and they are now at their optimum weight for a long time.”

“I’ve since then started regular business and life coaching with Michael and also started training with him. His knowledge is vast and although I knew quite a bit on NLP/coaching his training goes into detail that I wasn’t aware of before. And on top of everything he’s just a lot of fun and I don’t think I’ve met (via Skype only so far) anyone who laughs as much as he does.”

James Gough


“Working with Michael Beale to become an NLP Practitioner has been an incredible experience! Why is his course so awesome? Michael will coach you to coach others – meta, I know, but that’s why it works so well! We had weekly/biweekly Skype calls to discuss new concepts and then I worked to apply those concepts in the real world before our next meeting. I’ve learned so much over the past six months due to this learning model and plan to take more courses with Michael in the future!”

Kyra Johanson


“I have been using Michael’s one-on-one coaching services via skype for several months now and find them amazingly useful. As a result of his coaching I have been able to implement simple but very powerful habits, have identified key steps to work on for my business and personal life and been able to actually follow through and get results. I look forward to the sessions because they are always thought provoking, results oriented and include great laughs. Highly recommended.”

Ariane Cap


“Michael has been an important strategic partner, helping me get better outcomes in my professional and personal life. Trustworthy, thorough, and skilled at facilitating, he helps you to make the changes you want and need. Thank you Michael for your contribution.

Jamie Wright


I met Michael on one of his NLP courses in 2003. The course was life-changing and I stayed in touch. Since then I have seen him work with all manner of people, and seen them grow and progress as they learn about themselves through his coaching. I recommend NLP and coaching to anyone who wants to effect a change in their work or personal lives, and I recommend Michael Beale as the person to work with. He is compassionate, understanding, humble, and very talented at what he does.

Joanna Brown


I’ve attended Michael’s Workshop on NLP Coaching and the ones on Sales Mastery , Charisma Enhancement and gained immensely from them. What has also been a HUGE game changer for me is the 1 on 1 Skype Coaching received and helped me get on tracks of what i wanna do more faster and with much more clarity.
He’s extremely flexible about timings and what sets him apart is humor in the sessions which keeps you at ease and makes the whole process enjoyable leading to good ideas rather than it seeming like a chore. I highly recommend Skype Coaching with Michael to anyone who is looking to get more clarity and take their thought process and execution to the next level.”

Ankoor Niak


“I always leave Michael’s sessions energised and motivated. I thoroughly recommend him as a coach and trainer.”

Marianna Beckwith


“Micheal’s NLP workshops are always helpful to experience new tools. But most important of all, to get back on track on what is important for me.
Thank you, Michael!”

Nicole Meier


“I’ve known Michael for a number of years and used both his Training and Coaching Services. A definite recommendation from me for anyone wanting to take some next steps in learning more about NLP for career expansion as well as personal growth.”

Manish Gohel