Michael Beale: NLP Trainer and Coach Trainer, Director Business NLP Ltd.

Michael Beale

Michael Beale

Welcome – Enjoy the NLP Training Journey.  I help you achieve outstanding results through generative changes in how you think, communicate, and act.

My mission is to help great professionals enable effective change, and become more successful and fulfilled. – Michael Beale.

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About Michael Beale

Michael is one of the UK’s foremost NLP practitioners and trainers. He has over 30 years’ business experience, working with companies such as BT, 3M and B&Q.  Since 2000, he has specialised in helping individuals, businesses and organisations to grow and develop through the application of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Michael’s NLP and Coaching Testimonials

Michael is a ‘First Institute’ SNLP-licensed NLP trainer and coach trainer, receiving his training directly from both of NLP’s creators: Richard Bandler and John Grinder. Michael prefers to describe himself as a facilitator and coach, assisting others to get results for themselves. They prove the value of their learning by the success they achieve.

He is also a certified as a Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Leadership and Team  Coach ® and Global Leadership Of The Future 360 assessor.

Michael works with The Henley Business School on research projects into ways to improve the effectiveness of coaching programmes. He is also a guest lecturer at Henley, where he leads master classes on setting up and branding a coaching business.

His philosophy is simple: if we can develop an empowering view of where we want to go, and if we can fully understand and appreciate where we are now, the steps from one to the other are likely to be successful and highly enjoyable. An honest appraisal of our current situation allows us to generate a powerful point of departure and propel us towards our goals.

About Business NLP

In December 2000, Michael Beale was the strategy development manager at BT PLC.  He started working part time on his own company offering NLP training. By 2003, he was successful enough to leave his role at BT and concentrate full time on developing the company, which has evolved into Business NLP, as well as creating Executive Coaching Global to offer executive coaching to complement the NLP training and coaching.

The goal of Business NLP is to serve as a pragmatic NLP resource for achieving business excellence. For Michael, NLP has two core applications: as a personal development tool and as a modelling tool, helping businesses to replicate excellence.

Among the many high-profile clients there are: Abbey, ACCA, Accenture, Argos, Astra Zeneca, Bank of Scotland, Barclays, BAe, British Sugar, BP, BT, Burlington, Centrica, HBOS, Oracle, Zurich Insurance, the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit, the managements of local government, Central Government, Health, Police and The Ambulance Service, as well as leading consultancy and training companies across the UK and Europe.

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Michael talks about his journey to NLP Trainer and NLP Coach trainer

“In preparation for this page, I thought about my own experiences attending others’ training events as well as running my own. This is my personal story of how I came to NLP and how I use it in my life and business now. Your story will be different, but just as developmental.

My introduction to NLP

I attended my first practitioner and master practitioner with John Seymour in the 1990s, while I was a business strategy manager at BT. Then I repeated the certification with McKenna Breen and NLP co-creator Richard Bandler in the early 2000s. I followed these up with my trainer training.  I’m very grateful to the John Seymour courses as they introduced me to a new way of thinking and were a great start to my adventure with NLP. However, what I found interesting was that Bandler delegates, while not always being able to explain what they were doing, were better at applying NLP in many real life situations. They achieved better results.

Taking NLP training further

I then completed my New Code NLP and NLP coach training with John Grinder. I found John’s presentation style very, very different to Richard’s. They are both exceptionally aware and they both intuitively create the potential for change. (They have both been developing and refining their NLP skills over 40 years.) Following my Grinder NLP training I trained with a variety of  experts on both sides of the Atlantic including: John La Valle, Stephen Gilligan, Jonathan Altfeld and Doug O’Brien.  I keep my NLP skills up to date by making sure I attend one main NLP training event every two years, either as a delegate, or as an associate trainer.

I’ve found the two most powerful and complementary  approaches to my business coaching are Patrick Lencioni’s work on high performance teams and Marshall Goldsmith’s work on stakeholder coaching and I’ve incorporated these into my coaching.

I’ve learnt something from every training event I’ve attended. However I’ve learnt a lot more from my clients – and I am extremely grateful for all they’ve taught me.

When you look for a trainer and/or coach, don’t look for the best trainer or coach in isolation. Look for the individual who can demonstrate that they will help you the most in your current situation. It’s best when the client chooses the coach AND the coach chooses the client.”

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What Others Say

 “I highly recommend Michael Beale of Business NLP Ltd. He is continually updating his skills with the most up to date models that I’ve developed. He is one of the few trainers and coach trainers licensed internationally through the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming”

– Richard Bandler, NLP Co-Creator.

 “The courses were excellent and Michael Beale has been instrumental in providing me with new capabilities that I have used to positively impact my personal and working life daily.”

– Michael Christoforou, EMEA Business Development Manager, Cloud Services at NetApp.

 “I have worked with Michael Beale and Business NLP Ltd in many situations where their creative approach to getting the most from the teams they are coaching adds to both their business skills and personal capabilities. Their relaxed, yet highly motivational, expertise in building a change culture is superb.”

– John Whitworth, Vice President, Sales Effectiveness and Customer Satisfaction at BT.