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The right clients get far more value from our 1:1 practitioner programme than from traditional training. How do you find if our approach is right for you? Take part in our NLP training free Discovery Sessions.

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What do the sessions entail?

We take you through a four step discovery process, which will be of value to you whatever training you then decide to take. Having us there to guide you through makes it much easier than doing it on your own. It’s an iterative process, the challenge is to start. Once you do, you’ll be surprised how effective it is.

We help you align purpose, vision, plan, actions and review,  which in turn will help you achieve your key end goals.

  1. Score yourself in our success quiz. It’s normally more effective when someone asks you the questions. There are no right or wrong answers. It simply enables you to calibrate yourself. See our success quiz.
  2. What’s your direction? Where do you want to get to? Its always better to start with an end in mind, even if you decide to change it. As part of the process, we give you  access to our online coaching portal to complete your end goals. See end goals, direction and focus areas. When you’ve completed your visions on our vision wall, you’re in a much better position to confirm that they are what you really want, and that they are aligned to what really matters to you. It’s far better to do this at the beginning of any project or programme.
  3. Do you have at least a very simple plan? Complete our planning questions. See our planning questions.
  4. How you keep on track? We suggest a small number of daily questions in a specific format. See daily questions.

When you’ve completed the four steps you’ll be in a better position to get the best of any NLP course. And we’ll both know if we enjoy working together.

How much do the sessions cost?

You can have up to three completely free 1:1 sessions.  The only investment we ask of you is that you take part honestly, courageously, and with discipline to follow the process.

At the end of the Discovery Sessions, you may want to take one of our NLP training courses. But, if you don’t feel you are ready yet, there will be no pressue to take your NLP experience any further. You will find that the Discovery phase alone has been very enlightening.

Ready to start or want to know more?

Simply book a slot in Michael’s diary below.

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Speak to Michael | Michael’s online diary

Start your NLP adventure now.

To take advantage of the three free Skype/phone sessions and to find out more, select one of the contact methods below:


  • Telephone +44 (0) 1908 506563 with your name, how to reach you, and the reason for the call.
  • Email Michael at

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NLP Practitioner Free Discovery Sessions

NLP Training Free Discovery Sessions








What Others Say

 “I highly recommend Michael Beale of Business NLP Ltd. He is continually updating his skills with the most up to date models that I’ve developed. He is one of the few trainers and coach trainers licensed internationally through the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming”

– Richard Bandler, NLP Co-Creator.

 “The courses were excellent and Michael has been instrumental in providing me with new capabilities that I have used to positively impact my personal and working life daily.”

– Michael Christoforou, EMEA Business Development Manager, Cloud Services at NetApp.

 “I have worked with Michael and Business NLP Ltd in many situations where their creative approach to getting the most from the teams they are coaching adds to both their business skills and personal capabilities. Their relaxed, yet highly motivational, expertise in building a change culture is superb.”

– John Whitworth, Vice President, Sales Effectiveness and Customer Satisfaction at BT.


Michael’s Testimonials

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