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We offer a range of Richard Bandler  and SNLP certified 1:1 NLP training in the UK (and internationally over Skype), company NLP training programmes, executive and business coaching  and a full range of NLP books, CDs and DVDs.

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Free Video

This video series by 1:1 NLP trainer and executive coach  Michael Beale is particularly useful for anyone before they attend an NLP or coaching programme. They are also useful after the programme to remind delegates of some of the learnings

NLP Training | Benefit of 1:1 Training
NLP Video 1 | Setting The Scene
NLP  Video 2 | Introducing the Video Series
NLP Video 3 | Success and Fulfillment Quiz
NLP Video 4 | Frames and States
NLP Video 5 | Direction and End Goals
NLP Video 6 | Where are You Now?
NLP Video 7 | Developing a Plan
NLP Video 8 | Review Your Progress

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1:1 NLP Training

We now offer our 1:1 NLP training internationally through Skype and the CoachingCloud coaching and mentoring platform. However this unique training is restricted to a maximum of ten students at any six month period

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NLP Courses

We offer a range of ‘off the shelf’ and bespoke courses for companies and organisations

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Milton Keynes Local Training, CPD Workshops, CDs, DVDs and Books


NLP Training Milton Keynes
NLP Training Milton Keynes CPD Workshops
NLP Milton Keynes  Practice Group

NLP, Hypnosis CDs, DVD and Video Store

NLP Store

Listening to one of these CD’s on a daily basis can make a significant difference to your NLP and hypnosis skills as well as improving your performance in a variety of fields.

Richard Bandler NLP CDs

Latest Releases and Highly Recommended**

Deeper States CD £35**
Determined Resolve CD £35**
Getting Smarted CD £55**
Slow Down CD £35**
Soothing Anxiety CD £35**
The Art of Amnesia and Negotiation CD £35**
The Neurosonics Enhancement Series 6 NLP CDs £150**

Our full store. Recommended*

All The Way Down NLP CD £35
Deep Reflections NLP CD £35*
Design Human Engineering NLP 14CDs £325
Estcacy Twins 3 CDs £50
Ferocious Resolve CD £35
Hurdling Hesitation CD £35
Hypnosis in Munich 23 NLP CDs £325*
Magical Structures 9042 2 CDs £60
Magical Structures 9044 2 NLP CDs £60
Medicine Show NLP CDs £60*
Meditation, Magic and Change NLP 2CDs £50*
Melting Phobia CD £35
Multiple Timeline NLP CD £35
Practitioner Program, La Valle 32CDs £275
Propulsion Systems NLP CD £35
Spiritual Housekeeping NLP CD £35*
Stepping Through Anxiety NLP CD £35
Streamlining Strategies 2 NLP CDs £50
The Adventures of Anybody 3 NLP CDs £50
The Personal Enhancement Series, 6 NLP CDs £140
Time Out Your Mind NLP CD £35
Unfearing Decisions NLP CD £35
Wanton Motivation NLP CD £35



If you haven’t yet experienced training from Richard Bandler and John La Valle these DVDs are a great way to find out how they work. You can watch and listen to samples from each video.

Richard Bandler NLP DVD’s

Trancing in and Out £140 (2 DVDs)
Welcome to Reality £165 (6 DVDs)
Richard Bandler in Konstanz £175 (8 DVDs)
Persuasion Engineering £249 (8 DVDs)
Class of a Master £310 (4 DVDs)
The Art and Science of Nested Loops £195 (2 DVDs)
The Marshall Tapes £165 (1 DVDs)
It’s all about Time £60 (1 DVDs)

NLP and Hypnosis Amazon Books

NLP Books
Hypnosis Books
Coaching Books

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NLP Sitemap | Neuro-Linguistic Programming Sitemap








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