NLP Training Video 4 – What are NLP Frames and States Video?

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What are Frames and States Video

Your attitude – the beliefs and the emotional states you feel as you go into any situation – can have a significant impact upon the results and the satisfaction you get from that situation.

I’m going to suggest some frames and states that you might find useful for watching this video series.

Useful frames

Frames are rules you apply to get the best out of any situation. These are frames that my clients have found a useful starting point.

  1. Treat answering the exercises as an exploration and an adventure.
  2. Give yourself permission to be ambitious.
  3. Give yourself the time and space to ‘dare to dream.’ While it’s the decisions and the actions we take (or stop taking) that makes the biggest difference, we all need time to ‘dare to dream’.
  4. Give yourself permission to test to destruction everything that I say.

Useful states

States impact both how you come over to others and the resources we access within ourselves. These are states that my clients have found useful as a starting point.

  • Adventurous
  • Ambitious
  • Curious
  • Open to possibilities
  • Selfish for yourself. Helping others can be easier if you first look after yourself.

Leading your state

The ability to lead our state (and influence other’s emotional state) is a key life skill. While there are many ways of managing our states they normally include working with one or more of the following components:

  • memories and imagination,
  • physiology and breathing,
  • the questions we ask,
  • beliefs about a situation, and
  • meditation and acceptance

Exercise for NLP video 4

Look at the five knuckles on one of your hands. Touch the first knuckle with one your fingers and then remove the finger. Think of either:

a) someone you appreciate; or

b) a time when you successfully overcame some challenge.

Touch the knuckle again as you access the memory. Make the memory really rich – imagine the person is there before you, remember how you felt as you conquered the challenge.  Remember what you saw, heard, and felt. Remove the finger. Repeat for each knuckle on both hands. 

Accessing good memories like this is a really powerful resource towards future success.

What’s in the next video?

The next video (video 5) looks at your direction and end goals. How do you think about what you want so that you’re more likely to get it? Click on the link: NLP Training Video 5

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NLP Training Video 4 - What are Frames and States Video?

NLP Training Video 4 – What are Frames and States Video?