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Why have a NLP success quiz video

In theory coaching is simple. You ask someone where they want to go and where they are now. You help them develop a plan with the actions needed to achieve that plan and help them monitor progress.

The challenge is how you help and keep them motivated during the process.

I’ve found this quiz exceptionally useful both to encourage clients to explore what they want to achieve, and to help me work out how I can help them. The quiz is based on my take of the factors that naturally lead lead to success and fulfillment.

If your scores are low, don’t worry. Some highly successful people I know are remarkably honest with their scores, and this self-awareness and willingness to be honest is key to making changes.

The success and fulfillment quiz

Give yourself between 10 (high) and 0 (low) for these six questions:

  1. Are you aware of your life purpose?
  2. Do you have a plan to move towards achieving it?
  3. Wherever you are; do you appreciate what you already have?
  4. Do you have the opportunity to speak your mind without being politically correct; make your own decisions, and take action based on those decisions?
  5. How well connected are you to the people who are important to you?
  6. Do you spend enough time developing your mental and physical resilience? By this I mean investing in such activities such as exercise, sport, meditation, hobbies, art etc.

Exercise for video 3

Look again at what you said you wanted to achieve after video 2.

Do you want to change it in any way? If so please do so.

What’s in the next video?

The next video (video 4) is about Frames and States. Your attitude will make a significant difference to the results you achieve from any activity. This video suggests some frames and states to help you to get the best from this video series. Click on the link: NLP Training Video 4

You can view and access all the videos in the series from the top right hand menu on this page.

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NLP Training Success Quiz Video

NLP Training Success Quiz Video