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You’ve decided on your end goal (s) and your plan. What’s left is to decide what action you  will take every day to achieve your end goal (s). I’m of the view that one of the key choices in life we have is what to do with the time allocated to us. I consider time at least (if not more) as  important as money. I suggest that you compile a simple daily list of questions to check your progress. In addition I suggest you contract with a buddy or coach for a short review on a weekly or monthly basis.

Suggested daily questions

It’s useful to develop the questions so they work for you. This is a starter list.

  1. What have I done today that’s helped me towards my end goals?
  2. What have I learned?
  3. What could I have left out?
  4. Who or what  has made me grateful?
  5. What are my key actions for the next 7 days?
  6. What are my key actions for tomorrow? Mentally rehearse them.
  7. Do my goals still motivate me?

Review with a buddy or coach

There are a number of successful approaches. This is one of my favourites. Choose your buddy or coach, and share your end goals and plan with them. Each time you meet (preferably weekly or monthly) spend 30 minutes outlining what you’ve achieved and your future plans. Let your coach or buddy ask questions for 5 minutes. If you want to, ask them what they would do with some of your opportunities and challenges.

What’s next?

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