NLP Training Video 7 – Developing a Simple Plan

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Developing a Simple Plan

At the start, a plan needs:

  • an end goal,
  • a number (normally 2-7) of milestones or focus areas, and
  • a first simple step for the first milestone.

You can then add further detail as you progress.

When I’m working with clients they often have a curious mixture of fear and excitement at this stage. Their end goal becomes real and they realise that they have to take action. Luckily the excitement usually outweighs the fear.

Rehearsing the first step

The plan isn’t complete until you can imagine taking the first small step to achieve the first milestone.

Exercise for video 7

  1. Write your plan on one piece of A4. You can also set your end goals and plan on the CoachingCloud platform.  There are some straightforward instructions on how to do this.
  2. Mentally rehearse your first step.
  • Determine the three best states to carry out your first step.
  • Imagine completing the first step having access to those states.
  • You might also imagine  watching yourself taking the first step.
  • Repeat the imagination exercise using what you have learned.

What’s in the next video?

The next video (video 8) is the last in this series. You now have your end goal (s) and a simple plan. Now you need to work out the daily action you need to achieve them.  You also need a review process so you know what to change as you go along. Click on the link: NLP Training Video 8

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NLP Training Video 7 | Plan we look at preparing a simple plan to move towards our end goals

NLP Training Video 7 | Plan we look at preparing a simple plan to move towards our end goals