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NLP Current Situation Video

As humans we’re very good at answering that question for others, but not necessarily for ourselves. As with the Sat Nav in your car, you can’t plan your journey unless you know your starting point. You need to answer. Where are you now.

This video segment provides some useful questions to ask.

Questions to ask

Write down your answers to the following questions:

  1. What specifically are you already doing to reach your end goals? ‘Nothing yet’ is an acceptable answer.
  2. What are you doing to sabotage achieving your end goals? For example, time spent thinking how hard they might be is a waste of your time, and an effective way of sabotaging your progress.
  3. What resources do you have to help you succeed? Particularly: a) contacts for advice, b) skills and c) mental and physical resilience?
  4.  What challenges do you have? How you know they are real? What’s a the first small step to overcome each of them?

It’s a good idea to try the exercise suggested at the end of the video as well.

Exercise for video 6

  1. Answer the questions above for your end goals.
  2. For each end goal choose at least six people (you don’t have to know them well), and ask them if they were tackling this end goal sometime in the future, what are some of the actions they would take? Whatever they say, thank them warmly for their ideas. At a later time decide which might be worth following up and including in your plan.

What’s in the next video?

In the next video (video 7) we use all the information and resources gathered so far and use it to develop a simple plan. A simple plan can make a big difference to your speed of progress. Click on the link: NLP Video 7

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NLP Training Video 6 - NLP Current Situation Video

NLP Training Video 6 – NLP Current Situation Video