Leadership | NLP Course

On our Leadership NLP course you will learn all three levels of leadership: personal, team, and organisational. You will develop the skills and confidence to lead your organisation to success.

This NLP course will teach you how to maximise efficiency and achieve your goals.  It will show you how to create a compelling vision and motivate your team to achieve it.   It is part of our suite of company-based courses and is designed for current and potential managers who want to contribute towards moving their organisation forward. Individual NLP training is also available from Business NLP Ltd.

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Leadership | Business Benefits

This course will show you how to lead your organisation to success. You will achieve measurable results such as increased revenue, an improved bottom line, or a more highly motivated and productive workforce. You will learn how to maximise the human resources of your company through effective leadership on all three levels – personal, team, and organisational. Knowing you are making a vital contribution towards the success of your organisation will give you a great sense of satisfaction.  It may also lead to other, more tangible, rewards.

Leadership | Personal Benefits

Doing well at work means you enjoy your job.  Using the leadership techniques you learn on this NLP course you will find it easy to get the results you want from yourself and others. You’ll feel good about the positive contribution you are making to move your organisation forward. You will also receive recognition for your leadership abilities, and will be rewarded with the opportunity to advance in your career.

NLP course syllabus

  • The course will contain:
    • Creating vision statements that are exciting and engaging.
    • Getting everyone working together to realise your vision.
    • Integrated goal setting for yourself, teams, and the organisation.
    • Managing yourself to accomplish goals.
    • Managing stakeholders such as teams, staff, bosses, suppliers, influencers, and virtual teams.
    • Increasing your team’s contribution to the organisation.  Challenging and motivating them, developing their potential, and devising appropriate rewards.
    • Recognising the benefits of ethics in business, and creating a honest culture within your organisation.
    • Managing more tasks with fewer resources.
    • Leading in an uncertain economy.
  • During the course you will:
    • Develop a set of personal goals and a plan to accomplish them.
    • Create a vision statement for your organisation, and develop a strategy to realise this vision.
    • Devise a plan to manage all of your stakeholders – peers, bosses, suppliers, influencers, and virtual team members.
    • Develop ways to increase the skills and abilities of your staff.
    • Identify the tactics you will use to motivate people on your team.
    • Develop a process whereby you can manage more tasks without adding incremental stress.
    • Craft a code of ethics for you, your team and the organisation.

Learning Styles

This master-class and the accreditation process is for people with NLP practitioner accreditation, who are committed to heightened human excellence.  As with every NLP course available through PPI Business NLP, you will find a safe environment to open your mind, and explore and practice new approaches and techniques. This course requires that you commit your attention and energies fully; people who aren’t able to commit will limit their own potential with NLP, and hinder the growth of other participants.

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To sign up for the course, or to find out more about it:

  • Telephone 07944 388621 with your name, how to reach you, and the reason for the call
  • Book a telephone or Skype consultation in Michael’s on-line diary
NLP Course | Leadership

NLP Course | Leadership