Why is 1:1 NLP training exceptionally effective for many people?

Participants in group NLP training have a great time and experience a number of transformational changes.  However it is unavoidable that a lot of the training gets ‘left in the room’ afterwards. The focus and review in 1:1 training is on what you do outside to apply the skills and attitudes learnt.

Why 1:1 NLP Training?

Our 1:1 NLP training started when Business NLP Ltd Director, Michael Beale, ran a series of NLP training events throughout Europe for a major IT company. The Director who commissioned the training arranged two days where he was the only person there – so he could discuss a number of opportunities in private. The training went particularly well as the Director was able to explore these opportunities in total confidence, using some of the most effective approaches available. And so our 1:1 NLP Training was born.

The great advantage of 1:1 training is that it’s totally focused what you want achieve. The starting point is three free sessions to determine how NLP training will be useful to you. These give you the opportunity to see if you can commit to work with the trainer for the entire programme. After the two free sessions you can walk away if the trainer and the time are not right for you yet. These introductory sessions also give the trainer an opportunity to gauge how he or she will be able to offer you real value.

Another advantage is time flexibility. It is often much easier to arrange a number of 2-3 hour individual sessions than fit in eight days with other participants. This is particularly true when you build a number of Skype sessions into the programme. In addition sessions can often be rearranged at short notice when the inevitable time crisis occurs.

We also offer 1-day quarterly open training events so that you can receive the value of both 1:1 and group training.

As with all NLP training you need openness, honesty, and courage to receive full value from the sessions.

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Why is 1:1 NLP training exceptionally effective?

Why is 1:1 NLP training exceptionally effective?