NLP Training Milton Keynes

NLP Training Milton Keynes

Why us for your NLP training Milton Keynes?

  1.  We’re Milton Keynes based (although we also run global programmes.)
  2. Michael offers three genuinely free discovery sessions, this gives you the opportunity to confirm how well we work together (or not), identify what you might want to work on and clarify the value to you. It gives you a unique opportunity to align your purpose, vision, plan, action and review. These are open to everyone.
  3. Our 1:1 training offers serious delegates much better odds in achieving what they want. It’s a bit like sports coaching: personalised coaching produces better results.
  4. Our training is backed up with 85+ videos and podcasts – See NLP Techniques, quarterly face to face workshops, and informal monthly meetings
  5. Michael offers NLP co-founder Richard Bandler certification. He has been certified by both NLP co-founders Richard Bandler and John Grinder, and many of the top trainers from around the world. He also is a certified Marshall Goldsmith leadership and team coach and runs Masterclasses at The Henley Business School.
  6. We use the latest technology including Skype and the CoachingCloud coaching and mentoring platform.
  7. You have priority access to Michael’s online diary throughout any programme.
  8. Clients enjoy working with us.

For our international programmes see our sister site:

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What’s required from our clients

You need to be your responsible for your own learning. If you do we’ll give 100% backing.

Our most successful clients demonstrate:

  1. An ambition to succeed.
  2. A degree of courage, openness and discipline.
  3. Commit to doing whatever we’ve agreed.
  4. At least a minimum time commitment for their development.

We work to these guidelines ourselves.


NLP Training Milton Keynes – how our clients benefit

We start what our clients want to achieve and build from that. Clients tell us they benefit from:

  1. Having a safe space to clarify what they want and how to achieve it.
  2. World Class NLP training and coaching.
  3. Business coaching, if appropriate.
  4. Being able to think through and rehearse key decisions, meetings and presentations.
  5. Being held accountable (respectfully) to ensure their own development.

Our view is that NLP is about modelling and improving what works. We’ll therefore consider any interventions that help you achieve what you want.


Do you have some more questions?

Book a free call in Michael’s diary. You’ll enjoy your session.

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