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Our Hypnotic Influence NLP Course will teach you how to gain greater influence in your work and personal life. Greater effectiveness at work and greater personal satisfaction are just two of the results enjoyed by participants. 

This NLP Course will show you how to achieve greater effectiveness at work and in your personal life. It will show you how to access different states or moods, overcome barriers and problems and unlock your resources. It is part of our suite of company-based courses and is designed for  business owners, CEOs, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, lawyers, accountants, and anyone who wants to improve their communications and influence with others. Individual NLP training is also available from Business NLP Ltd.

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Hypnotic Influence | Business Benefits

This NLP course will show you how to understand, motivate and influence others. Learning hypnosis techniques makes it easier to see others’ points of view.  This can help you further your own goals at work.  You will be able to work with others more effectively and enjoy successful negotiations for resources and outcomes.  As a result, your job satisfaction will increase as you achieve more success and this will reduce the levels of stress you may feel at work.  Some participants find that this course opens up new career opportunities.  When combined with other Master Practitioner modules such as the Leadership NLP Course and the Sales NLP Course, your effectiveness will increase dramatically.

Hypnotic Influence | Personal Benefits

This NLP course will enable you to unlock new avenues of personal development and self-discovery.  Many participants choose to explore personal issues during the course and emerge with a new level of inner contentment. Everyone benefits from learning hypnotic techniques to improve communication and interpersonal relationships.  The course teaches you how to feel relaxed in stressful situations, and to cope with the stresses of on-going change and the barrage of everyday stimuli. An added benefit of being able to command a relaxed state of mind is that your creativity increases. The course will also provide you with an introduction to the fascinating realm of mind-body healing.

 NLP Course syllabus

  • The course covers the following elements:
    • Understand NLP presuppositions regarding hypnosis.
    • Discover how hypnotic techniques can be used in your business and personal life.
    • Demonstrate proficiency in applying hypnotic techniques.
    • Identify known personal barriers and uncover hidden obstacles.
    • Explore strategies to overcome barriers and obstacles.
    • Develop and practice new influencing skills.
    • Demonstrate the hypnotic process from the set up to the conclusion of the hypnotic state.
    • Learn and demonstrate many styles of hypnotic induction.
  • After completing the NLP Course you’ll be able to:
    • Use hypnotic techniques to improve communications with individuals, groups and managers.
    • Gain greater influence in your work and personal life.
    • Sharpen your negotiation skills.
    • Employ positive suggestions to yourself and others to drive behaviour.
    • Use different language patterns to increase the effectiveness of your communication.
    • Use stories and metaphors for greater impact.
    • Control each phase of the hypnotic process.
    • Apply different methods of hypnotic induction.
    • Induce a hypnotic state in yourself and in others.
    • Bring subjects out of the hypnotic state safely.
    • Make powerful post-hypnotic suggestions.
    • Understand how “stage hypnosis” works.

Learning Styles

This master-class and the accreditation process is for people with NLP practitioner accreditation, who are committed to heightened human excellence.  As with every NLP course available through PPI Business NLP, you will find a safe environment to open your mind, and explore and practice new approaches and techniques. This course requires that you commit your attention and energies fully; people who aren’t able to commit will limit their own potential with NLP, and hinder the growth of other participants.


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  • Telephone 07944 388621 with your name, how to reach you, and the reason for the call
  • Book a telephone or Skype consultation in Michael’s on-line diary
NLP Course | Hypnosis and Hypnotic Influence course

NLP Course | Hypnosis and Hypnotic Influence course