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The Wikipedia article on NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming is simply wrong. Please read it, but if you do please also read the references article quotes. Our view is that they are old, obscure and totally miss the point of what NLP is about. Our starting point is that NLP is a modelling discipline. We explore what works and have developed a vocabulary and methodology to help to build and share what works in various contexts. The test is very simple. Does practising these approaches benefit you?.

    1. Scientific analysis of topics like meditation, hypnosis and the placebo effect (NLP borrows approaches from all of them) often produce scientific results which aren’t clear cut. This is beginning to change, for example research into meditation over the last decade has indicated that their are potentially significant benefits, research into mirror neurons supports the basic idea of unconscious modelling in NLP, hypnosis can easily be shown to reduce the experience of pain.
    2. While many NLP practitioners have a scientific background (I’m a trained chemist), NLP is neither a science (or pseudo-science). NLP is a modelling discipline. We explore best practise to determine ways of improving and transferring the  attitudes and skills learnt. We keep working on what we want to achieve, exploring best practice and new approaches until we’ve produced the results we’re looking for.
    3. Many of the concepts initially identified by the NLP Co-Creators, like Anchoring, Belief Change, Future Pacing (Mental Rehearsal), Framing, Matching and Mirroring in Rapport, and Outcome setting have become (albeit in a simplified format) a normal part of company training programmes.
    4. The test of NLP is whether it helps you achieve what’s important to you. We believe the possible benefits are so significant that its worth finding out for yourself if it works for you. I know hundreds of individuals who have benefited from NLP in some way. The approaches are easy to test on an individual basis, just make sure you have a trainer who has been accredited by one the two NLP Co-Creators.


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Why Wikipedia is wrong about NLP

Why Wikipedia is wrong about NLP