Ecstasy Twins 3 NLP CDs £60

Ecstacy Twins NLP CDs

Ecstacy Twins NLP CDs

This set of 3 NLP CD’s addresses what Richard Bandler considers one of the main problems with human beings: The sheer lack of ecstasy in most areas of their lives.
If you find you spend too much time worrying, planning, or plodding through life, then the Ecstasy Twins will take you to new highs of vigor for living and fill your mind and body with passion using nlp.

CD 1 – The Ecstasy Machine. Hypnotically install a strategy which continually adds more ecstasy to your life. CD 2 – Spreading Ecstasy. Once you have some, learn how to pass some on to others. They’ll like it, too. This set was recorded live and has some music overlaying the voices at times.



Copyright Bandler and LaValle and used with their expressed and written permission