Certification Presentation Essentials

As part of our certification process we ask all clients to give a short presentation on how they’re going to achieve something important to them. We suggest the following structure:


Certification Presentation

10-20 minute presentation on a direction/end goal of your choice

A. Direction/End Goal Name

B. A few words introduction about it,

C. Then, cover the following in any way that’s useful to you:

  1. What will you see, hear and feel (and maybe touch and smell) when you’ve well got it?
  2. What will getting it do for you and those closest to you?
  3. Some milestones (and possibly even challenges to overcome) in achieving it. What might be a very first, easy step towards moving towards your direction/end goal
  4. Some resources that you already have (think states, beliefs, experience and skills and people) that will help you on journey
  5. Some additional resources that will make the journey easier, more fun and more rewarding?  (think states, beliefs, experience and skills and people)
  6. What might be the one of two key areas to focus on now to build momentum for your journey
  7. What could you stop doing in order to make this journey more successful and fulfilled?
  8. What three  (maybe more or less)  focus areas will help you over the next 12 months? The next month? The next week? Today. (Most people find it useful to answer this question set in relation to all their goals. This encourages them to consider how this goal ‘fits in’ with their other priorities)
  9. What are the few key weekly or daily actions to keep you mentally, physically (and spiritually?) healthy to ensure you can easily deal with any setbacks and fully enjoy your adventure.
  10. What are going to do to keep track of your progress?

D. In order to achieve your end goals:

  1. What are you going to start doing / do more of?
  2. What are you going to protect (Ensure you maintain)?
  3. What are you going to accept? (Activity that you might procrastinate over or simply not want to do. Decide to do it or not do it. If you decide to do it, simply do it.)
  4. What are you going to stop doing?

E. Recap.

Describe your direction/end goal and remind us what it does for you, and the people that are important to you.

F. Learning

How would develop this list to be more useful for you if you were to use it in the future…


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NLP Certification Presentation

NLP Certification Presentation