Hypnosis Session Structure Essentials 

When one has mastered one of two inductions, some deepening  skills, and the use of commands and embedded commands it is easy to develop a structure for a hypnotic intervention. The one detailed below can be amended and used for almost all situations. We recommend this as a great starting point for anyone who wants to develop their skills.

Please note these are very brief notes. You need to add lots of process language and amplify (mention complimentarily any hypnotic signs your client is demonstrating.) your clients response.

Note: Only work with clients you’re comfortable working with. You’re responsible for what happens during the session. If you’re a beginner and don’t feel congruent with a client in a particular context, politely say that what’s presented is not your speciality and suggest some other practitioner or intervention.

Hypnosis Session Structure

Opening Frame, Induction, Deepening. Process Instruction or Technique (eg body scan). Bringing back and End Frame.

All the frame instructions are suggestions. Feel free to amend based on your individual circumstances.

Opening Frame

The purpose is to put your client  at ease, answer any questions they might have, give an expectation of a positive result and inoculate against any negative commands.

You might say: “Welcome to this session where we’re going to explore how some gentle hypnosis might help you. Normally all that happens is that you’ll feel slightly relaxed and are able to use use your imagination more effectively…

…which in turn lets you unlock and connect to your creativity and unconscious abilities, which in turn lets you find your own solutions to any challenges you might have had.

Be totally true to yourself, go along with what I say but be totally honest when I ask you anything. Be straight.

In the unlikely event you feel uncomfortable in any way, let me know, and you’ll come back. Otherwise simply let my voice guide you.

Also remember, you’re in total control, you can use my words in any way that’s useful to you. You can ignore or change any instruction that doesn’t appear right for you, and trust your unconscious abilities to make use of the rest. Understand? Great. (Or don’t worry if you don’t, you’ll quickly learn.)

Now take a minute to stretch, so you are sitting (or lying)  in a position which you could become really, really  comfortable, and let my voice guide you…

Now, before we start for real, play an imaginary movie of what it will be like when you’ve achieved what you want? That’s right. It’s simply as I want to see you have a representation of what it will be like when you’ve well achieved what you want.”


The purpose is to lead your client into a mild hypnotic state. Remember light states are often all we need for most purposes.

Two approaches I use are a ‘simple hand raise’ and ‘representational systems cycle’. This is an example of a simple hand raise.

Simple Hand Raise

I’m going to gently pick up your hand and arm. Is that OK?

If its OK would you close your eyes?

(Pick up hand)

You might say: When the hand gets to a certain height, I command “Hold”, and continue “you will only lower your hand when you’re ready to do into a really delightful, enjoyable relaxed state…

(Add process phrases)

“When you feel the touch of your hand on the chair (or whatever) You’ll be able to  get into an ever more comfortable state.”


The purpose is now to lead your client into an even deeper state. I prefer two methods, although there are many more to choose from.

Downward lift or elevator

You might say: “Just imagine you’re in a special lift, spend a few seconds decorating the lift in your mind so that it fits what you want at the moment.

When you’re ready press the down button, now, and as you pass the next four floors easily imagine you’re getting into a deeper from creative state. And the deeper you go the more you connect to that knowledge within you. And when you connect with that knowledge spend a few moments appreciating those special feelings which you’re beginning to notice.

You may choose to go back up a floor, showing that you’re in control before you choose to go down another four floors, each time deepening that special state.”

Pivot grammar

Pivot grammar is simply articulating a two word utterance and then reversing the order of the words.

eg: slow down – down slow, feel good – good feel, connect now – now connect, special feel – feel special, learning light – light learning, deeper now – now deeper,

Process language

In this section you add some process language that will lead your client to find and implement a solution to their challenge.

You might say: “Now I’m giving you an instruction to follow consciously now, or to follow unconsciously when you’re asleep and dreaming to-night. Project yourself into the future when you’ve achieved what you want perfectly. Notice the key actions that you’ve accomplished to get yourself there.

It’s OK if some of the steps are a bit vague, you will fill them in and action them at the right time.

Now I want you to 100% commit that you will complete this process when its right for you to do so. You’re 100% OK with that are you not?

And if any step was a challenge to imagine at first, you will take huge pride in mastering it as the more you do so the, the easier and more enjoyable will your journey be.”

“You’ll make sense of this in the way that’s most useful to you…”

Bringing Back

The is simply bringing your client to full consciousness.

If you’ve used something like the ‘lift technique’ reverse it to bring your client towards full consciousness and then say something like:

“ Really enjoy those learnings. When you’re really ready and processed what’s important to you, in your own time, open your eyes and smile to show you’re fully back. When you’re ready, now.”

End Frame

The purpose of the end frame is that you check your client is back to full consciousness, and safe to drive (or whatever) and to reinforce what’s been before.

(Its important that you remember you are still ‘on duty’ and you only say what will genuinely help your client…This is about your client.)

You may say: “Welcome back, remember you will drive safely and be fully aware. We’ve done what we’ve needed to do and you will be aware of some really changes starting to happen.

You may ask: “One last thing for my records, and be absolutely straight. What are you aware of now?”

(And whatever they say is right!)

“Great. That’s exactly right. Just start noticing the steps you begin to take to move forward.


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Hypnosis Seaaion Structure

Hypnosis Session Structure