Daily Questions Essentials

Asking and answering a list of daily questions can be a great way of keeping on track with our direction and end goals. The idea is to make them short (no more than 5-7 minutes to answer), fun and positive. The question’s wording make a significant difference, so, play with them until you find out what resonates best. These are examples of what I find works.

(Note – Please note I’ve developed these in line with my particular own plans and values, if you’re going to do the exercise it’s an important part of the process to develop what works for who you are and what you want to do. Keep it simple).

Daily Questions

Did I do my best to (score between 1-10):

  1. Find meaning and purpose?
  2. Build positive relationships (including family)?
  3. Add value to my clients?
  4. To be open to and encourage luck and randomness?
  5. Confirm (or update) my 3 key outcomes to achieve in the following timeframes: 12 months, 1 month, 1 week, tomorrow
  6. Execute todays 3 outcomes?
  7. Play and have fun and give my clients the opportunity for same
  8. Make the very best of whatever happens


Did I do my best to do minimum of (score between 1-10):

  1. Maintain healthy eating habits and be ontrack track to achieve 12 stone 7 lb by the end of January 2017? (Yes 2017) Have one ‘low calorie’ day a week?
  2. Complete my 15 minute hard exercise routine 4x a week?
  3. Complete my 20 minutes meditation daily 3 x a week
  4. Complete Lumosity training / Listen to a Bandler CD/MP3?
  5. Complete my stretch workout 3 x a week
  6. Complete daily my 5 people that I appreciate exercise (what I see, hear, feel).
  7. Complete daily my 5 experiences  that I appreciate exercise. (what I see, hear, feel).
  8. Decide my key priorities for the following day
  9. Ensure high quality sleep

My choices:

I choose success
I choose to add value to my clients, family and friends
I choose health (purpose, exercise, food, meditation, sleep)
I choose to embrace the full catastrophe of life 

NB review and update the questions/routines and choices whenever appropriate


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Daily Questions

Daily Questions